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Thus, the laws of Physics and Thermodynamics as we know them do not apply. Energy is perpetual and unlimited; there is no gravity, inertia, or friction. The Spiritual Dimension is a reality beyond our ability to fully comprehend. Spiritual Beings live within this Dimension without the need for food, sleep or protection from the environment. They are completely self-sustaining, eternal, non-physical life forms, limited only by their design and the mysterious laws that govern their realms. Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings Order of Pneumasomas. Hierarchy Explained Order of Pneumasomas.

See God in the Glossary for more information.

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They are rarely seen in human history as they vibrate outside the Spiritual spectral range visible to Seers. However, when these Creatures have shown themselves to a Seer, their forms appear so abstract and surreal, that it seems to push the very limits of the inherent efficacy of Cognitive Projection. Due to the very few sighting of these Creatures, little is known about them.

Whether or not these Beings have power over the Archangels is doubted, rather it is believed that their higher vibrational energies simply enable them to perform specific functions along the boarders of Space-Time and the edges of Dimension.

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Unlike common Guardian Angels, Archangels have the ability to leave their Mortal Assignments to fight in spiritual battles anywhere they are needed. Although Archangels will often command Angels, it is not clear if a rigid command structure is followed, or if the Angels work together, naturally following the stronger, more capable Archangels. Underwood believes that Spiritual technology is completely constructed from these life forms and that entire spiritual weapon factories are built out of them, being completely automated, perhaps similar to computer controlled robotic factories in our Dimension.

One thing is certain; there are no analogous Beings like them in our Dimension. Characteristics of Angels. The Spiritual bodies of Angels appear human-like anthro-pomorphic , having a head with a face, and a body with arms and legs—all of it glowing with bright lumines-cence. Angels have appeared with wings and other animal-like features throughout human history, but are often seen differently from Seer to Seer.

In times past and in certain contemporary primitive cul-tures , Angels normally ap-peared with beautiful white feathered wings, while Demons had bat-like wings with tails and horns. Although Spiritual Beings do not need wings since there is no gravity in the Spiritual Dimension, they have appeared with wings for most of history because humanity had a limited understanding of the laws of the Physical and Spiritual Dimension. This phenomena continues today and is one of the trans-dimensional laws of the Omniverse.

It is called Cognitive Projection.

The educated Seer knows that Cognitive Projection is malleable and can be controlled to a certain extent. However, the malleability of Cognitive Projection is limited. It has been argued that the true Spiritual Form of an Angel not only does not have wings, but also does not have arms and legs. The logic behind this argument is that since legs imply the need for bi-petal locomotion, a purely physical and gravity-dependent concept, then the appearance of human appendages is nothing more than a product of Cognitive Projection.

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These same proponents believe that Angels are not really anthropomorphic at all, but amorphous free flowing energy. However, the majority of Seer scholars believe that Angels appear human-like because: 1 their form was designed as a sort of prototype for the creation of man to exist in the physical domain, while the appearance of wings and other animal-like features are more the product of Cognitive Projection.

See Cognitive Projection and Creation. This same Symbolic Visualization explains why Angels appear bright and beautiful unless they come in Judgment. Others claim that although Symbolic Visualization is a primary mechanism of Cognitive Projection, it does not rule out the possibility that some Spiritual Beings can change form. The Seers that espouse this theory call these theoretical Beings, Morphians.

Although these Transmuted Spiritual Bodies may look human if in their visible state , they are not anything like our physical bodies, lacking skeletal, endocrine, circulatory, nervous, and reproductive systems, etc. Transmuted bodies also have great power and are extremely dense. But it is believed that Angels and Demons rarely enter our Dimension because they can be killed by Transmuted Spiritual Weaponry as well as the powerful weapons of modern man. Thus, it is a risk for Spiritual Beings to Transmute their bodies and as long as Angels remain in the Spiritual Dimension, they can never die.

Therapneumasoma: Therapneumasomaology is the study of how Guardian Angels protect humans with their Spiritual Bodies, and has been a topic of great interest in our modern age. Invisible or visible Transmuted Spiritual Body protection seems to be the most common form of Therapneumsoma. Examples are instances where someone survives a car wreck or plane crash untouched, or is unharmed by flames and ammunition fire. These sorts of examples are commonplace and often make the news as amazing examples of good luck. This is believed to be the case whether they are in their Spiritual or Transmuted forms.

This is a topic for which many volumes have been written, most of which are theoretical. However, practically speaking, like human beings, spiritual beings have their own unique talents and therefore their own limits and capabilities to protect their mortal assignments in this way. It is also clear that Angels have limits to their powers to protect humanity, otherwise human free-will would become reckless and Vice-filled.

Spiritual Warfeare Protection: Just as Angels work to protect the physical body of humans, they also and even more diligently work to protect the human soul from demonic attack. From attack with swords and other spiritual weaponry, a Guardian is forever diligent in protecting his Mortal Assignment to the greatest of their abilities. Spiritual Weaponry generally appears like human weaponry to the Seer, but to the educated Seer, appears as glowing forms of energy. See Swords of Angels and Demons.

Due to the trans-dimensional law of Cognitive Projection, Angels appeared as delicate bird-like creatures with soft-feathered wings to the ancients. Demons usually appeared as bat-like creatures with horns, long teeth, tails and clawed feet. In modern cultures, both Angels and Demons typically are seen without animal characteristics.

The only way a Spiritual Being can procreate with a human is by possessing the soul of a human. Thus, this act would only be done by a Demon, as Angels forbid themselves from possessing human souls.

Others have argued that the Nephilim were beings from another Physical plane and that the Demons brought them into our Physical plane after they took Possession of their bodies. And yet another theory states that the Nephilim are Cyclopes, as these creatures are also giants and have been discussed extensively in various ancient sources. Thus, the theory that Demons possessed Cyclopes and brought them into our plane of Dimension for procreation and domination over humanity is quite possible. Therefore, Angels never require sleep or food.

Awesome TV Spots for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell!

Some Seer scholars maintain that Angels are self-contained non-entropic energy forms themselves, thus their bodies are self-sustaining with no loss or gain of energy independent of their environment. It is often witnessed that Angels will tire and lose energy during battles and can be wounded, thus short-term energy loss and injury can occur. But fatigue will quickly fade and injuries will always heal, assuming they remain within the Spiritual Dimension and do not transmute themselves into our Dimension.

It is a Lustful satisfaction for Demons to experience and taste energies from Mortals as well as all experiences within the Physical Plane through Soul-Possession.

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See Feeding and Bioenergy. Mobility : Angels can travel faster than light-speed, but require a moment of thought before embarking on journeys requiring tachyon peeds. This is known as superluminal travel. Unlike physical beings, Angels can also transverse the many levels of their Dimension without the need of Dimensional Portals.

Thus, tachyon speeds are necessary as it is said that the Spiritual Dimension is not only infinite outside width , but infinite inside depth as it may be possible that the Spiritual Dimension has an infinite numbers of sub-dimensions. When Archangels travel to battle, no matter how remote, it is not the length of the journey that is the challenge, but the obstacles.

Meet the extraordinary scientist Dr Vivienne Ming, global AI seer -

There are some Seer writings that reflect on and reveal conversations with Angels, but the range of interpretation is diverse, so very little formal doctrine and science can be concluded. The Soul of the Individual: The human soul spirit is healthiest at birth, being completely pure from Vice. It is innocent, pure, and glowing with a brilliant radiance equaled only by Spiritual Beings. As the abundant paths of Vice inevitably make their mark, the soul loses some of its original luster and, if Vices are pursued without conscience, the lower vibrational frequencies of these choices corrupt the soul, lowering the high vibration of the soul-body, thereby causing soul-disease.

Soul-diseases are very harmful not only because they damage the soul-body, but also because they harm the Physical and Thought Dimensions of the individual, as they are cosmically linked together tri-dimensionally as one individual Being.

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Soul-disease is also very harmful because the diseased lower vibrational portions of the soul-body are susceptible to attack from spiritual weaponry. To use another analogy, just as the healthy cells of the human body are individuals, having their own functions, they also serve the larger body.

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We too are the same, both individual, but also part of a larger cosmic Intelligence. This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation; this tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers; this tube is the most awesome goddamn force in the whole godless world, and woe is us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people! Chayefsky won the screenwriting Oscar for his howl against cutthroat network executives and sheeplike viewers, cynical programmers and dumbed-down pop culture, the dual American malaise of infectious personal apathy and metastasizing corporate greed.