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Abstract Location-based routing has received significant attention for ad hoc networking. The motivation to use location-based routing is that it eliminates the need to maintain routes and therefore is very well suited for highly mobile The motivation to use location-based routing is that it eliminates the need to maintain routes and therefore is very well suited for highly mobile networks.

However, as an essential prerequisite for location-based routing, a location service is needed from which a node can learn the current position of other nodes present in the network. We present a zone-based location service ZLS , which provides a mechanism to track the location information of Multi protocol Label Switching MPLS protocol is a network layer packet forwarding technology that provides flexible circuit switched traffic engineering solutions in packet switched networks by explicit path routing.

They are an elegant They are an elegant solution to meet the IP multicast shortcut over ATM: a winner combination. Existing IP routing protocols run on ATM switches to do topology discovery and route calculation, but packet forwarding is done by switching.

Optical buffering and switching for optical packet switching. Sharing wavelength converters in multistage optical packet switches. The intro-duction of photonic End-to-end layer-3 IP packet throughput and latency performance measurements in an all-optical label switched network with dynamic forwarding.

Packet forwarding - Wikipedia

Abstract We experimentally demonstrate dynamic IP-packet forwarding through an all-optical label-swapped network and for the first time report true end-to-end layer-3 IP throughput and latency performance measurements. There was no There was no observable core Technologies and systems of optical switching. Advanced photonic integrated technologies for optical routing and switching.

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In this paper, we report on the latest advances in implementation of the photonic integrated circuits PICs required for optical routing. These components include high-speed, high-performance integrated tunable wavelength converters and These components include high-speed, high-performance integrated tunable wavelength converters and packet forwarding chips, integrated optical buffers, and integrated mode-locked lasers. Related Topics. Follow Following.

Packet Forwarding Technologies

Description Table of Contents Author s Bio. Summary As Internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, there is a great need to build Internet protocol IP routers with high-speed and high-capacity packet networking capabilities. The first book to explore this subject, Packet Forwarding Technologies explains in depth packet forwarding concepts and implementation technologies. It covers the data structures, algorithms, and architectures used to implement high-speed routers.

Following an introduction to the architecture of IP routers, the author discusses how IP address lookup is one of the major bottlenecks in high-performance routers. He describes the characteristics of a routing table and addresses the difficulty of the longest-matching prefix search. The remainder of the book deals with fast IP address lookup.

Coverage includes the various available architectures, data structures, and algorithms based on software and hardware as well as detailed discussions on state-of-the-art innovations. With many illustrations, tables, and simulations, this practical guide to packet forwarding technologies facilitates understanding of IP routers and the latest router designs.

Routing and Forwarding Processes

In , he joined Wuhan University of Science and Technology. His research involves algorithms to improve Internet router performance, network management, network security, and traffi c engineering. Request an e-inspection copy. Share this Title. Recommend to Librarian.

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