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Embraced by the Light
  1. Betty J. Eadie: EMBRACED BY THE LIGHT
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Betty's story is both inspiring and moving. She came back from her experiences with an almost photographic memory, and saw more perhaps than anyone has ever seen before.

In Embraced by the Light, Betty Eadie recalls the people she met, the truths she learned and the magnificent realities of the spirit world. The message she was given during her near-death experience has filled countless people with hope, and changed her life forever.

Embraced by the Light

Reading this fascinating, dramatic and thought-provoking book may change yours too. Passar bra ihop. Awakening Heart Betty J Eadie. Ladda ned. The story opens in a Seattle-area hospital on November 19, when Eadie is years-old. Although written by a first time author and published by a tiny publishing house in Placerville, California, the book has met with phenomenal success.

Within six months of its December first printing of 20, copies, Embraced by the Light hit the New York Times bestseller list where it had spent 40 weeks as of February 3, Unfortunately, Embraced by the Light is extremely unbiblical.

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Eadie is a Mormon and her book reflects numerous doctrines distinctive of Mormonism. Her story also promotes beliefs similar to those found in the New Age movement and in the Mind Science religions e. The fact of a pre-earth life crystallized in my mind….

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This belief, too, reflects the Mormon teaching that God the Father and Jesus Christ are entirely separate and distinct beings or gods. Eadie hints at the Mormon view that God is our literal father who, in LDS theology, begot us through relations with a heavenly mother p. Its specific character, like numerous other details, were removed from her memory, in order, she said she was told, to prevent difficulties in her fulfilling it. Upon protesting, she was made to understand the reason behind the necessity for her return and reluctantly agreed to do so.

She exacted a promise that she would not be made to stay on earth longer than necessary. She reported her return to material corporeality as extremely heavy-feeling and unpleasant, initially intermittent in phases, and accompanied not long after by a demonic visitation that was cut short by an angelic reappearance. Eadie's doctor reportedly verified her clinical death on a return visit to the hospital, attributing it to a hemorrhage during a nurses' shift change, and took great interest in her recollections.

Independent verification of the length of her death was not possible, but she speculated it could have lasted up to four hours based on her memory of certain details preceding and following it. Subsequent to her experience, she spoke of it very little and suffered a long-term depression.

This, she attributed to the anticlimactic nature of returning to corporeality after experiencing the heaven of afterlife. She slowly became involved in near-death groups and studies and gave talks, subsequently going on to write her account in book form, which met with runaway success. While her account incorporated elements of traditional Christianity , it also met with a certain degree of resistance as well. This was largely, in part, to its teaching as she reported she was given it that some denominations might approximate truth better than others.

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She explains, however, that different teachings were more appropriate for certain individuals at their given stage of spiritual development, and therefore judgment should not be passed on them for where they were. Unlike many fundamentalist Christians, [2] and despite her own strict Catholic upbringing, and her conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS Church , after her near-death experience, Eadie refers to God as "he" instead of "He" and insists that all religions are necessary for each person.

Betty J. Eadie: Embraced By The Light

She claims that each religion is necessary for each person, because of their different levels of spiritual enlightenment. This is contrary to the views, shared by many Christians worldwide, that Christianity is the one true, valid religion.

Curiously, Eadie also claims that after her encounter with Jesus, she learned that Christ and God were in fact two separate entities, a view conflicting with that of her Protestant-taught tradition of the Holy Trinity. This is, however, in keeping with the teachings of the LDS Church. In addition, unlike some other Near-Death Experiencers, Eadie claims that reincarnation , as it is typically thought of, does not truly exist. She also stressed that her key lesson was that life's purpose was to learn love and to grow through the exercise of free will, including making mistakes.

Other teachings she recounted being given included the idea that there were few if any true accidents and that human lives and paths were chosen, agreed to, and prepared for in advance, with memory of such details suppressed and veiled. Suicide, she said she was told, was wrong because it deprived people of opportunities to learn and grow, and that there was always hope in life.

The Awakening Heart is Eadie's second book and also became a NYT Bestseller in which she describes her challenges and experience that followed her NDE up through the time that Embraced By The Light was published, as well as giving additional details about her NDE that were not included in her first book.